Støttede projekter: 2018 - Efterår

Ansøgning om midler fra Aage Bangs Fond til deltagelse i kurset ”’ABCD’ A Basic Course of Dermatopathology” afholdt af British Association of Dermatologists

Stine Simonsen

kr. 8.000,00

Epidermal expression of antimicrobial peptides in atopic dermatitis – comparison between tape strips and skin biopsies for assessment of antimicrobial peptides

Caroline Meyer Olesen

kr. 140.000,00

Hand eczema patients' knowledge of skin protective factors

Yasemin Topal

kr. 6.900,00

A Novel Strategy to Identify Therapeutic Targets in Non-Healing Wounds

Lise Mette Rahbek Gjerdrum

kr. 146.000,00

Introductory Course on the Biology of the Skin Dec 2018

Imra Kulenovic

kr. 9.500,00

Introductory course on biology of the skin

Maja Gyldenkerne Deleuran

kr. 11.000,00

The effects of topical corticosteroid use on insulin sensitivity and bone turnover

Lise Gether

kr. 100.000,00

Oral præsentation til kongres

Christina Banzhaf

kr. 7.000,00

Hand eczema and the skin microbiome

Line Brok Nørreslet

kr. 100.000,00


Nørreslet_2020_CD_Colonization with Staphylococcus aureus in patients with hand eczema, Prevalence and association with severity, atopic dermatitis, subtype and nasal colonization
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Copenhagen Baby Skin -

Maria Rasmussen Rinnov

kr. 150.000,00

microRNAs as marker and maker of disease progression in patients with mycosis fungoides

Lise M. Lindahl

kr. 200.000,00


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Prioritering af den forebyggende Indsats over for Arbejdsbetinget Håndeksem: Risikofag og eksponeringsresponsrelationer

Tamara Theresia Lund

kr. 7.700,00

Tarmens mikrobiom (bakteriesammensætning) hos patienter med psoriasis og effekten af systemisk anti-inflammatorisk behandling

Tanja Todberg

kr. 200.000,00

Introductory Course on the Biology of the Skin 2018

Louise Viktoria Kaiser-Albæk

kr. 11.000,00

Introductory Course on the Biology of the Skin 2018

Anne Hald Rittig

kr. 10.800,00

Introductory Course on the Biology of the Skin 2018

Trine Bertelsen

kr. 11.000,00